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We Manufacture natural sun dried KOLAYAT sodium bentonite*clumping?JiMMy Cat Litter. The litter is made from natural bentonite that absorbs moisture quickly and controls odour effectively. This is a traditional clumping cat litter, which forms clumps to aid easy removal of used litter. ? KOLAYAT sodium Bentonite* ? KOLAYAT sodium bentonite*is naturally occurring hydrated Aluminum Silicate. The most important use of KOLAYAT sodium bentonite* is based on its natural swelling property. one can surely say that Bentonite is most economic natural Cat Litter available. It has ability to absorb water several times its weight and give thick tropic fluid. Chemically KOLAYAT sodium bentonite*is HYDRATED ALUMINUM SILICATE. ? JiMMy Cat Litter KOLAYAT sodium Bentonite* ? We Provide high quality?JiMMy Cat Litter- KOLAYAT sodium Bentonite*with high iron content and very fine particle size resulting in excellent swelling capacity KOLAYAT sodium Bentonite*procured from rich deposits of kolayat- Rajasthan where climate is dry and over 300 days of strong sunshine resulting in natural drying - makes it most cost effective. Vincity of kandla port and abandons of labour at ch
19,Sadul Colony,Main Road, BIKANER, RAJASTHAN, India, 334001
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