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Hosei university graduate school innovational * managem...

Kanto/Tokyo, Japan, 102-8160

1 year system business college. Program and admitting information. Types Ecommerce

The Japanese personal computer software association

JPSA. To consist the software-related enterprise, management. Summary and successful candidate announcement et cetera of opening test. Types Ecommerce -B2B (Business-to-Business)


Japan Civil engineering Consultants Association

1-6, Koji-machi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0083, Japan, Japan

established in 1963, and has taken on the important role of coordinator among its member firms, clients and government agencies. Types Ecommerce -B2B (Business-to-Business)



Administrative scrivener and social insurance labor loyal retainer, test measure information of house building and apartment manager test et cetera. Types Ecommerce


Constructive comprehensive qualification Kenkyusha Ltd.

Kanto/Tokyo, Japan, 171-0021

Qualification acquisition lecture of pavement construction management skill loyal retainer and engineering works construction management skill loyal retainer, teaching aid development. Types Ecommerce

Qualification preparatory school

House building, the administrative scrivener, taking an examination measure information of the FP and the apartment manager et cetera, past question, the bulletin board. Types Ecommerce

Nationwide constructive education center

Guide such as engineering works construction management technical permissibility test, plumber thing construction management technical permissibility test and landscape construction management engineering permissibility test. Types Ecommerce

Nationwide construction computer aided design union

Japan, 460-0008

Information of test such as construction computer aided design permissibility test and construction computer aided design designer qualification qualification test. Types Ecommerce


The Japanese construction addition association

Japan, 105-0014

Execution of construction addition qualification person test. Taking an examination important points, workshop and guide et cetera of study meeting. Types Ecommerce


Japan Building Management Institute

Japan, 100-0004

Qualification guide of " building management manager ". Types Ecommerce


Condominium Management Center - Apartment manager test

Taking an examination guide, schedule and Q&A et cetera of apartment manager test. Types Ecommerce -B2B (Business-to-Business)


Crane Lisence

Elementary knowledge of crane, test measure. Types Ecommerce


DIY Advisors

Japan, 101-0044

News of business activity, introduction and DIY industry of publication, I ‚× ƒ“ƒg, DIY ƒAƒhƒoƒCƒT - execution of test and guide et cetera of lecture. Types Ecommerce ...

The Japanese fondling animal association

Japan, 160-0016

Qualification information of association guide and fondling animal breeding manager. Types Ecommerce


Inter- serve

Japan, 153-0051

System sale and consulting business. Types Ecommerce -B2B (Business-to-Business)


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