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The Japan Arts And Crafts category covers companies dealing with anything art related such as art supplies, crafts, paints, silk screening, photography, etc. Many people are looking for Thai companies producing arts or art supplies. Whether you're interested in sculpture or dried flowers, we've got Japan companies that produce everything from the raw materials to the finished products. Lots of people are interested in Japan arts, and fortunately there are many companies in Japan? that are dedicated to japan art and art in general.

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Bowl house

Shikoku/Ehime, Japan, 791-8056

Matsuyama city - Tableware of Tobe burning, sale of ornament. Types Ecommerce


Box justice paulownia box store

The Taito Ku - Vain town. Sale of paulownia box and Sanada string et cetera. Paulownia box of order maid. Types Ecommerce


CAN dance studio

The studio and lesson contents the photograph is used, introduction. Types Ecommerce


Capital valley Trading

Hokkaido, Japan, 040-0022

Hakodate city - Cedar time, production and sale of crate such as paulownia box and pine box. Types Ecommerce


Cat's * paw

Sale of glass miscellaneous goods. Pottery muffle painting, glass classroom. Types Ecommerce


Cedar pottery fire

Kumatani city - Sale of small article of ceramic ware and plants dyeing. Types Ecommerce


Central advertisement plan

Bunkyo Ku - Exhibition, museum, commercial facility and the television fine arts, plan and design of display of event. Types Ecommerce

Ceramic art character matte

Kyushu/Saga, Japan, 848-0044

Imari ware accessory special atelier. Explanation of ornament and Imari ware. Types Ecommerce


Chalet lacquerware store

Kainan city - Production and sale of the Guizhou lacquerware. Types Ecommerce


Challenged Shop, Inc.

Toyama city - The cloth product and handicraft and the sale of the object of craftwork with the welfare job place. Types Ecommerce


Chiba prefecture digital chestnut thornback tar confere...

It introduces the gift certificate of entire country and the design of the card. Types Ecommerce


Kiso lacquerware work, traditional technical data mansion. Types Ecommerce


Circular benefit Nishimura house capital beauty

Kinki/Kyoto, Japan, 604-8276

The Kyoto city Nakagyo Ku - Capital Yuzen process experience atelier of the town house compound shop " cocoon " inside. Sale and the Yuzen process experience of handmade harmony small article. Types Ecommerce

Telephone075- 211- 3273
Fax075- 221- 1967(24

Circular harmony technical art

Takaoka city - Sale of Takaoka copper vessel such as vase and fragrance furnace. Types Ecommerce


Coming future because of GUNDAM

The exhibition which reads the movement soldier cancer/gun dam with art and solves. Summary, production diary and artist information et cetera. The Osaka Suntory Limited museum with " Tenpo it holds the mountain ". [ 2005.7.15 - 2005.8.31 ] [ ƒI&#131 ...

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