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Miyagi prefecture social welfare conference

Greenery Ku - Miyagi prefecture corporation cooperation. The support business guide, " you see, introduction of goat comprehensive volunteer center ". Types Ecommerce


Miyagi prefecture spiritual health welfare loyal retain...

It consists the spiritual hygienic welfare loyal retainer and the being employed people involved in spiritual medical welfare. Conventional study meeting and guide of meeting. Types Ecommerce


Muroran Dental Association

Muroran city - It consists dentist of Muroran city, Noboribetsu city, Date city, Abuta Cho, Sobetsu Cho, Toyoura Cho, Otaki village and Toya village. Emergency diagnosis and treatment guide and Q&A et cetera. Types Ecommerce


Nagano prefecture social American Insurance Association

Lecture of social insurance center and utilization guide et cetera of recuperation place. Types Ecommerce

Nagasaki prefecture radiation Technologists Association

Qualification of diagnosis and treatment radiation engineer, knowledge of radiation exposure. Types Ecommerce

Nara city social welfare conference

Kinki/Nara, Japan, 630-8013

Nara city - Nara city corporation cooperation. Volunteer and fund-raising activity et cetera. Types Ecommerce


North agricultural health insurance union

Business contents, insurance presentation summary and health advice et cetera. Types Ecommerce


NPO Chiba being at home CARE citizen network pure

Being at home CARE information dispatching and construction et cetera of regional network. Types Ecommerce


Okinawa prefecture nursing insurance wide area combinat...

Okinawa, Japan, 904-0197

Summary and the like of participation municipalities. Types Ecommerce


Okinawa prefecture organ transplant propulsion conferen...

Activity introduction and volunteer collection such as history and symposium opening record. Types Ecommerce


Osaka protects " the nephritis * nephrosis " child the ...

Story of explanation, meal and repose of admission guide and kidney disease. Types Ecommerce

Rehabilitation dance association

Introduction of dance " dance Lee Ha who " adopts the movement which has the rehabilitation effect. Types Ecommerce


Saga Chubu medicine medicine cooperation conference

Pharmacy summary and phermacist information of Saga prefecture center area. Types Ecommerce



Introduction and management of support facility for atopic patient. Types Ecommerce

Setagaya Ku social welfare conference

Setagaya Ku corporation cooperation. Business summary and public information paper et cetera. Types Ecommerce


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