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Kanan Yamoto land revised Ku

Tohoku/Miyagi, Japan, 987-1102

Water earth village net kana it is and the origin. It supplies the service water to rice field such as Ishimaki city, Kanan Cho, east Matsushima city, Nango Cho and Wakuya Cho. Types Ecommerce

Meiji service water land revised Ku

Tokai/Aichi, Japan, 446-0065

Water earth village net Meiji service water. The irrigation canal which takes in water from the arrow work river and extends over three river local 8 cities. History of Meiji service water and discharge-duration et cetera of arrow work dam and fabric dam. ...


Miyata service water land revised Ku

It takes in water from the Kiso river and supplies to Ichinomiya city and Inazawa city et cetera. Business of " large Egawa cleaning plan " and so on, history and facility introduction et cetera. Types Ecommerce

Receiving door river land revised Ku

Water earth village net receiving ‚Ç ‚í. Slightly elevated the Ogaki dam which supplies the water to town, Namie Cho and Futaba Cho, introduction of the old irrigation canal, creature investigation of the rice field and circumstances e ...


The hand taking river seven service water land revised ...

Water earth village net seven service water. It supplies to Hakusan city and Kanazawa city et cetera. Event information of history, business introduction and walk rally et cetera. Types Ecommerce


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